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About Gavin
One of my favourite shirts!

Hi everyone, I’m Gavin, and I’ve taken up the challenge of helping guys get a better deal from their business shirts.

Some people might say it’s a small thing, but as someone that has worked their whole life in sales and business of one sort or another, I’ve found that business shirts have been both a source of confidence and a source of annoyance. I’ve had cheap shirts that made me feel like I was wearing a woolen coat, expensive shirts that didn’t make it past three months, shirts that had funny smells (really!), and shirts that were so crinkled that it looked like I’d slept in them!

Looking the Part

So even though I’m not overly hung up on how I look, I’ve always wanted to look professional and well dressed for the job I was in. Sometimes this was the full suit and tie. Sometimes simply smart business casual.

But when the clothes, particularly the shirt, causes you to be self-conscious or uncomfortable, you aren’t at your best.

After many years, many business shirts as gifts from well-meaning relatives, and many experiments with department store brands, custom tailored shirts, and brands of all different price ranges, I’m now sharing my experiences and recommendations, so you can hopefully enjoy the pleasure of a quality business shirt, that looks good, lasts the distance, and doesn’t break the bank.

I hope you find the information here useful. Please free free to share your own experiences and ask any questions you might have.

Thanks for dropping by.



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