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Some people like to shop for men’s business shirts by brand, trusting a known company to give them what they need. For others, the brand means nothing. They believe that an objective assessment of certain criteria will allow them to meet their needs. Depending on the priority of the need, this can be as simple as shopping by price, or, as complex as researching the ethics and manufacturing behind the brand.

In Brands We Trust

It’s true that there are many, many suppliers of generic, everyday shirts. In fact, many come from the same manufacturers and simply place different tickets on them. The majority of this practice serves the needs of smaller retailers and department stores.

There are however, some business shirts for men that are made to discerning quality standards, and these makers have long standing histories of quality and innovation. If you keep an eye out, these excellent shirts can be purchased at very reasonable prices, and when you take into consideration the quality, style, and durability, they can represent outstanding value.

Here are a few favourites that consistently deliver on the shopping experience, great customer service, and top quality business shirts for men.




Sometimes known as CT Shirts, Charles Tyrwhitt commenced business in 1986 as a mail order business, for a very simple reason. Nicholas Charles Tyrwhitt Wheeler thought that he could

make a shirt better than anybody else”.

By 1997, Charles Tywhitt had opened its first store on London’s Jermyn Street, famed for British shirt making.

Endeavoring to make the finest men’s clothing with no compromise on quality or style, outstanding customer service, and a measure of British charm, Charles Tyrwhitt grew from from being a gentleman’s shirt maker to a manufacturer and retailer of suits, shoes, knitwear, accessories, business casual wear, and womenswear.

A Six Month Guarantee!

A full, no questions asked, six-month guarantee – no matter what condition the item is in!

Charles Tyrwhitt believe so strongly in the quality of their products, that they offer this amazing guarantee to all customers.Furthermore, to ensure that you get the perfect size and style, Return and Exchanges are completely free!

This is a an outstanding service, and the best guarantee I have found anywhere, especially when there is some reluctance to buying clothes over the internet. A guarantee and service like this allows you to truly get your sizing correct, and buy with minimal risk, since you can always return the goods for the correct one.

The fact that Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts regularly offer special deals make this maker especially popular. Keep an eye out.

To visit the Charles Tyrwhitt website right now, simply click

TM Lewin



With a shirt making history reaching back to 1898, and a reputation for true innovation (did you know the Lewin was one of the original pioneers of the “coat-like” shirt), a T.M.Lewin shirt is an example of old world craftsmanship that sets them apart from the mass produced “sameness” that we see in most men’s wardrobes.

TM Lewin’s range is focused on craftsmanship, quality, service and value. With their in house design team creating up to 100 new shirt fabric designs every month you can be sure of finding that perfect shirt. A choice of collar shape, two cuff options, and up to six different sleeve lengths ensures your choice will suit your taste and your shape.

Affordable shipping costs, Easy Returns Policy, and a 3 month guarantee also help to make TM Lewin shirts an easy choice for your wardrobe.


Van Heusen


Van Heusen’s story began in 1881, with Moses Phillips, his son Isaac, and wife Endel, selling their hand made shirts to the coal miners. This business quickly grew to become very successful and expanded into New York city.

30 years later, a Dutch immigrant named John van Heusen patented his newly created process for fusing cloth on a curve, allowing the first soft folding collar.

Van Heusen and Phillips came together in New York and formed a company (PVH) that brought the soft folding collared shirts to market with great success.

Today, Van Heusen shirts are the best selling dress shirt world-wide and the #1 brand of business shirt sold in department stores globally. Known for affordability and style, Van Heusen have also led the way in many innovative features and styles.

3 Shirts for $99.00!

Hard to beat right? Finding three quality business for under $100.00 sometimes seems like an impossibility. But with Van Heusen’s sales offering three awesome shirts for $99.00, you know you’re onto a winner.

This special has been offered at department stores, but annoyingly, they don’t always have the style or size required.

One of the things I love about Van Heusen shirts is that they are actually innovative, not just in terms of fashion trends, but in actual fashion technology.

Here are just a few examples of Van Heusen’s cool use of technology to enhance comfort, quality and style:

  • Crush resistant, stain resistant, 100% breathable suits
  • Business shirts and suits that stretch and flex with your body, allowing maximum movement
  • Performance fabrics that rapidly draw away moisture from the body, keeping the wearer cooler and dry.
  • Magnetic shirts that eliminate the needs for buttons. Perfect for anyone with limited finger dexterity but maintaining that classy look.

You can check out the Van Heusen shirts right here at and


Brooks Brothers

As the oldest clothier in the United States, Brooks Brothers is definitely a true American icon. Starting out as a family business in 1818, Brooks Brothers has been owned by a few different companies, including the British Marks & Spencer until finding its current home as part of the Retail Brand Alliance which is owned by an Italian billionaire.

Although often viewed as a traditional clothier, Brooks Brothers have in fact been a leader in the menswear industry with a number of firsts to their name. For example:

  • Applying button-down collars to men’s dress shirts in 1896, after seeing them on the uniforms of English polo players.
  • Pioneering the the manufacture of wash and wear in 1953.

Brooks Brothers also lay claim to a very distinguished client list including 39 American Presidents including Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. If you are fan of actors such as Cary Grant and Clark Gable, or TV Shows such as Man Men or The Colbert Report, then you’ve definitely seen Brooks Brothers attire in action.

The Brooks Brothers range can also be viewed at



Obviously there are many brands out there, but these brands are stand outs when it comes to consistently delivering on quality and value.

When you combine the information on fit, fabrics, and patterns, and then buy from a reputable shirt maker, you are assured of a top notch experience.


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  • November 18, 2016 at 6:12 am

    Wow a six month guarantee for a shirt! Must some tough wearing shirt.

    I was intreagued at home much a shirt that comes with a 6 month guarantee costs. I clicked your link to the Charles Tyrwhitt website but it went to an 404 error page.

    I see your Van Heusen shirts on Amazon are reasonably priced….but no 6 months guarantee there!

    • November 18, 2016 at 6:39 am

      Hi and thanks for dropping by. I agree!. The guarantee on Charles Tyrwhitt shirts is pretty outstanding. I’m yet to see anyone equal it, and when you combine it with the free returns and exchanges during that time it makes them pretty hard to go past. Pricing varies depending on what promotions they are running, but it is possible to get CT Shirts for $39.95 during a promo. Normal RRPs range around $50 – $60 not including the luxury range.

      I have checked the links to CT website and all seems to be working from this end. If you get the chance to hit them again and still have problems, it would be greatly appreciated if you could email me on

      Thanks again


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