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I’ve been in business sales roles for over 20 years, so have needed business shirts of one sort or another ever since I started. When I was young and starting out in sales, one of my driving factors was price, so I became an expert at finding $10 white shirts. I was also a bit of a traditionalist at first. You know, a professional wears a white shirt, a conservative colored tie, but definitely NOT a red one! The shoes had to have laces and you certainly didn’t carry your things in a backpack.

Things Change
Non-iron white business shirt
Non-iron white business shirt!

Obviously the world has changed, and the view on what is professional or acceptable has also moved on, unless you’re in a truly conservative industry. Bright coloured shirts along with a wide array of patterns, designs, and textures have been become more the standard, with stylish attire actually becoming a status symbol of sorts, without the need the flash the gold watch or any other old fashioned status symbol of success.

We Learn From Experience

Over the years, I’ve been through my own “stages”; sometimes investing significant money into big name tailored shirts, at other times simply hunting down the bargains, all the while learning exactly which styles, materials, and colours worked best for me. In more recent years, I even made the somewhat obvious step to buying my business shirts online, from both local and overseas suppliers. This has, surprisingly, turned out to be the best experience of them all, and has now become my preferred way to shop. Something I couldn’t have imagined previously. But more on that later.


So to finish up this introductory post, let me offer you my “thanks” for dropping by. I invite you to make comments, suggestions, and ask questions. Amongst other things, this site will cover some basic information, as well as well as given my opinion on the  best business shirts out there, how to buy them at a good price, and how to make sure they last. I’ll no doubt cover off some related topics such as suits, ties, and accessories and anything else that makes sense.

See you next time.


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