Buy Mens Business Shirts Online. Worth The Effort?

To Shop Online, or , Not To Shop Online. That’s a Good Question.

Not to start off with a deep and meaningful question, but, this is the fundamental question that everyone faces today.

Should we keep to our habits, jump in the car and head of to the local shopping centre? Or, be brave and face the “risk” of buying a business shirt online?

Let me help you out here. Much as I love online, I’ve always been reluctant to buy clothes online, so the information here is genuine, and hopefully, helpful.


Let’s Compare The Experience

Many people have embraced online shopping for many products, and some people have even made the leap to buing clothes online. However, there are a significant number of us who feel that buying clothes online is risky. Let’s do a genuine comparison and see where we end up.

Store Shopping. (otherwise known as ol’ faithful).

Firstly, for store or mall shopping you need to be dressed for going out in public. Preferably you’ve showered and dressed in something easy to change in and out of for trying on clothes.

Then, fight the traffic and tried to stay calm while finding a parking spot. Try to take special notice of where you’ve parked the car so you can get home again.

Shopping_Mall_JoyNow, walk and dodge your way past the masses of people who seem to have no idea where they’re going or what they’re doing, and find a store that sells the necessary shirts.

OK, browsing the available selection, you can’t help but be attracted to the 50% sign on the specials table so you spend some time looking through the shirts there. You also can’t help but notice that not only has some of the packaging seen better days, but some of the shirts look like they’re from a different era. Then upon finding the one shirt that looks relatively modern, disappointment. It’s a crazy size and you throw it back.

So back to the other shirts on display. A decent choice of colours and sizes. But it’s still frustrating that the ones you like best are out of your size and the ones in your size are only, OK.

A store saleperson suddenly appears and guides you to a selection under special lighting. Hmmmm. No obvious price anywhere. But they sure look like good shirts. The salesperson mentions that this brand is available in all the various sleeve lengths and fits, so you nervously ask how much. As the salesperson says $$$$$$, you try to stay calm, hoping your face is saying ” Fine. I obviously spend that sort of crazy money on shirts all the time”.

Feeling a bit depressed and frustrated, thus ends the shopping for the day. Your decision: try again another day.

Now let’s look at how this would play out online.

Firstly. Wear whatever you want. Or nothing, if that’s your style. No one here to impress or offend.

Also, choose a time for shopping that works for you. Thankfully the internet knows no closing times.

Now, open your computer browser and search for whatever takes your fancy. Maybe try “best mens business shirts”, or maybe a particular brand is of interest. Try typing “Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts”, or “Van Heusen Shirts”, or any other shirt maker that you like.

Feel free to take you time as you browse the endless choice of colours and fits. Now add some style by playing with the shirt variations such as collar style and cuff style.

Feel like shopping around a bit? Easy. A few simple clicks and your’re into another store.

Happy with your choice and price? Then make your purchase quickly and simply (no waiting in line here!), and relax, get on with your day. Shopping done!smiley-face

Getting the perfect fit.

Not a problem. Not only do such website have fantastic guides to choosing a style and fit, but they let you choose your shirt with the exact collar size, and sleeve length that is perfect for you.

What If The Size Is Wrong?

Again. Not a problem. Most sites as Charles Tywhitt Shirts and others, all offer great guarantees that let you return your purchase, free postage, no questions asked, for either a full refund or exchange. Now that’s what II call Risk Free!


As you can probably tell, I’m a fan on buying mens business shirts online. For me, the total convenience and ability to get exactly what I’m looking for, makes online the way to go.

I also love the fact that if I have seen an advertisement or email notice on some new release, I can immediately check it out and purchase if I want to, without having to wait for a store to get it onto their shelves.

If you’ve never bought mens business shirts online before, I recommend giving it a go. To keep things as simple and risk free as possible, I would start with someone who has a good guarantee. Charles Tyrwhitt is one example. I know I keep mentioning them, but a six month guarantee is hard to beat!


Thanks for visiting, and feel free to comment below. Happy shopping!

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