Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts. An Opinion.


OK, before I start, let me tell you straight away that Charles Tyrwhitt shirts are one of my absolute favourites. That doesn’t mean that I am not open to trying other shirts, in fact I’ll be buying some cheapies this coming weekend as a bit of an experiment, it’s just that Charles Tyrwhitt shirts seem to suit me better than most others I’ve tried.

So now you know my personal opinion on these shirts.

Now let me explain why…

Funnily enough I’ve only started wearing CT Shirts about 3 years ago. Some people might say that 3 years isn’t long enough to truly test durability. Well…maybe. However, I’ve been wearing long sleeved business shirts pretty much five days a week, plus some weekends for weddings and other such function, for the better part of twenty years.

I’ve had shirts that cost me $5 and I’ve had shirts that cost close to $500 (a special gift, because I would personally struggle to spend that much on a shirt!).

The real cheap shirts tended to look good for a week, but aged really quickly, even the white ones just looked “old” before their time.

And while I sure felt special in the $$$$ bug brands, I found that once you forgot about the brand you were wearing, they weren’t very different.

Many a work colleague has made recommendations, and I tried out their favourite brands only to find that they looked terrible by 1pm, all wrinkled and crinkled.

Marks & Spencer shirts were just one of the business shirt brands that I purchased on the recommendation of people I knew in the financial business sector. These people were successful and could afford to buy any shirt they wanted, so surely they would only buy the best.

But truly, I found the experience of such shirts so hit and miss that I just couldn’t be bothered anymore. So I fell back to the relative safety of department store brands. Reliable, affordable, but nothing exciting.

Then, it happened, my first Charles Tyrwhitt shirt

As a gift, my thoughtful parents used a Charles Tyrwhitt voucher and bought I shirt online for me. Hmmmm, I thought. “What’s this going to be like? Will it even fit?”

Upon opening the packet, and quite surprisingly enjoying the personal touches within, I found a really stylish shirt. Even though I had no say in the choice, this was a beautiful shirt. Modern, stylish, and well made.

I opened it up immediately and straight away I could feel that this fabric was different to the shirts I was used to wearing. It simply felt of good quality. Smooth, but strong.

Next was to try in on, and unfortunately it was too small by one size, and the sleeves were a little too short. NO!!!!!

How am I going to change this for one that fits? I was sure it was going to be a pain. However, the simply instructions were enclosed. I simply completed a form and was able to return the shirt FOR FREE!

I was so impressed by the 6 month guarantee. I could return for any reason for up to 6 months. This guarantee pretty much won me over. Now I just needed the shirt to come back in my correct size.

It wasn’t long before my shirt arrived back (having been kept up to day on the progress of my return by regular email). I tried in on immediately, and, it was perfect!

Status Update: Present Day

Years later, this shirt still looks brand new. Since receiving my first CT Shirt I have naturally acquired more. I love them all. The luxury twill shirt is a favourite, especially in cooler weather, but I wear it all year because of its classy shine.

The shirts are classed as non-iron, but I pass an iron over anyway, just to be sure. Has to be the easiest ironing ever.

I know that I can pull out any one of these shirts at anytime, and they will look good and feel comfortable.

So…..What Is My Opinion Of Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts?

In summary, excellent!

  • Modern styles and fits
  • Choice of sleeve length
  • Choice of collar style
  • Beautiful quality fabrics
  • Quality made for durability
  • Amazing 6 month guarantee
  • Easy returns policy and process
  • Great sales! Keep an eye out for their fantastic special offers.


I really should buy some more…

If you would like to check them out for yourself, simply click Charles Tyrwhitt to jump straight to their website.


Comments? You’re welcome to leave them below.

4 thoughts on “Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts. An Opinion.

  • October 31, 2016 at 11:10 am

    Thank you for your advertisement.I have been looking for the shirt to wear during christmas but i cant find the one appropriate to e so now i got the best shirt that you are selling,your charles tyrwhitt shirts are the most appropriate for me.The way they are designed looks best to me and i like it.

    Best wishes

    • October 31, 2016 at 8:18 pm

      Thanks Jose. I am a big fan of Charles Tyrwhitt shirts myself and will also be trying to get in on the current specials before Christmas. Thanks for taking the time to check out my site.

  • November 9, 2016 at 11:10 am

    These area great shirt, I purchased for my son and he loves them, the mail out catalogues are a great read. The fact you can return a non fitting shirt and have it replaced free is a big plus even after taking the measurements carefully the first time.

    • November 9, 2016 at 9:15 pm

      Hi Russell, thanks for dropping by. I’ve had a similar experience with the Charles Tyrwhitt guarantee. It certainly makes it easier to buy online, and is about the best guarantee that I’ve found anywhere.


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