Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts – Review – Windsor Check Non-Iron

Brand: Charles Tyrwhitt

Fabric: 100% Cotton

Purple_Windsor_CheckedFit: Slim Fit, Non-Iron

Design: Windsor Check

Colour: Purple

Cuffs: Single with two buttons

Collar: Classic

Purchased From:

Guarantee: 6 months


First Impressions – We’re Off To An Impressive Start

When my delivery arrived  I was pleased to see a rectangular cardboard box. Pretty typical when ordering online, I know, but at least my shirt was being protected on its journey. Inside the box, my shirt was in the typical plastic wrap of most dress shirts, and the order paperwork was on top. I quite like the promotional cards/papers that they include as it is informative and tells a good story. Not to mentioned I’ve always enjoyed reading this sort of thing anyway!

The shirt itself looked very, very smart. The purple check itself looks even better in real life than the image on the website. The material has a subtle yet definitely noticeable sheen to it. Not the sort of tacky shiny look that was popular back when micro-fibre shirts were a thing, but just enough to say “hey, this quality is worth noticing”.

The feel of the shirt is different to others in my wardrobe too. It is very smooth and not too thick, yet the fabric somehow feels strong. Hopefully this meant it will be durable and last quiet a while, because I planned on wearing it at least once a week.



First Day On The Job.

I gave the new shirt a first wash to get rid of any creased from being packaged, although I daresay this particular shirt didn’t really look like it needed it, so the wash was more out of habit than anything else.

This is a non-iron shirt so I was keen to see just how “non-iron” is actually was. Again, I went more with habit than anything else and gave it a quick iron “just to be sure”. This must have been the easiest ironing I’ve ever done. I quick whip over and it looked as good as if a professional dry-cleaner had pressed it!.

I am very pleased to say that this shirt is now officially my favourite. I only have one other shirt that looks as smart and feels as dressed up. The Charles Tyrwhitt shirt wins due to the slim fit, which initially had me worried, but ended up being perfect. Working in an office job, I wear a suit most days and the suit jacket is off and on throughout the day, plus I travel to and from meeting by car and public transport. Therefore, I am accustomed to my shirt getting creased throughout the day. I was most surprised at how great the new shirt looked at the end of the day. I could easily move straight onto a social event looking as good as when I left the house in the morning


A Few Months Later

If I was to review this shirt again it would almost read identical to the earlier comments. It certainly is a great shirt and I love wearing it. I’ve been so impressed that I’ve order another shirt with a different fabric and cut to compare. The outstanding 6 month guarantee means that if I’ve made a mistake with the cut, for example, I can return or exchange very easily. Not a problem.

The one small change that I have made is that I’ve taken to wearing short sleeve undershirts as a way to protect my dress shirt as well as give extra comfort and warm. I can see that this small change is making a difference and should really help my shirts last longer.

The complimentary brass collar stiffeners have also more than proved their worth. Using them every day has made certain that the collar looked impeccable. When I wear my other shirts now, some with plastic stiffener permanently stitched inside the collar, and other with no stiffeners at all, I find myself being a little self conscious. I am now so used to having collars that look straight and neat, that I find myself not wanting to wear the shirts that have collars that I know will curl a bit. Maybe I am getting a bit spoilt!


Conclusion – Where Have You Been All My Life?

I think back to some of the shirts I’ve worn over the years, and with the benefit of experience and hindsight I wish I could tell every young businessman, every you salesperson, pretty much every young guy. STOP wearing those nasty artificial shirts that make hot, smell when you perspire, and shine when you iron them. Keep an eye out for the specials and invest in some quality CT Shirts. Not only will you look better in a shirt that actually fits you, you’ll be so much more comfortable and confident too. Not to mention, you’ll save money overall because with some basic care, these shirts will outlast the cheap ones anyway.



2 thoughts on “Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts – Review – Windsor Check Non-Iron

  • November 10, 2016 at 1:29 pm

    Thanks for the great review. Firstly, I think the shirt in the photo looks great…..definitely my kind of style!
    The creasing of shirts has always been an issue for me especially when driving on a warm day. A non iron shirt would definitely be a bonus to have so you can walk into meetings feeling good.

    I’ve never heard of brass collar stiffeners before but I know that I want to get some now!!


    • November 10, 2016 at 8:13 pm

      HI Neil, I’m glad you liked the review. I really wanted to convey how impressed I was with this shirt and how much I like it. Hopefully I still remained somewhat objective! In my opinion they are some of the best shirts available. Although the brass collar stiffeners are a relatively small thing, the weight of the brass helps them “sit” much better. I’m a convert. Thanks for dropping by.


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