Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts – Review – Slim Fit Non-Iron Honeycomb Pink

Brand: Charles Tyrwhitt

Fabric: 100% Cotton. Two-ply. Honeycomb.

Honeycomb Pink ShirtFit: Slim Fit, Non-Iron

Design: Plain

Colour: Pink

Cuffs: Single with two buttons (image is square double-cuff)

Collar: Classic

Purchased From:

Guarantee: 6 months

First Impressions – Something Different

Delivery and packaging was to the usual Charles Tyrwhitt high standard. I know that packaging shoudn’t really impact the review of the product contained, but interesting and quality packaging certainly put you in the right frame of mind to receive the quality goods that are inside. I think it’s the subtle messaging that if Charles Tyrwhitt shirts are packaged and delivered with such care, just imagine the the care taken to manufacture them!

First impressions were intriguing. This shirt was a gift to me so I had not chosen the shirt myself and therefore had no knowledge of what lay inside the packaging. The surprise of opening a gift was enhanced when I first laid eyes on the shirt as it looked very different to others in my wardrobe. The fabric weave was very visual and very distinct. Even through the packaging clear plastic, it looked somewhat silky in its sheen.

After opening the plastic I immediately noticed that this shirt was heavier than usual, the fabric felt thicker yet still very soft, which I put down to the unusual weave.

I couldn’t deny it. I felt like I was holding something special in my hands. I coudn’t wait to wear it.


First Day On The Job.

I had noticed that this shirt was non-iron so after the first quick wash I decided to see just how non-iron it actually was, and put it into the dryer, but keeping the temperature reasonably low.

Success! No ironing needed. Maybe it would need a quick iron in the future, as I had heard from people that some non-iron shirts lose their non-iron properties over time, but for now, I was more than happy to wear it to the office.

Definitely a more substantial shirt to wear, the fabric felt thicker but thankfully no hotter, than my plain weave shirts. Not to be too egotistical, but I did find myself feeling like I was looking good all day long. A few compliments throughout the day didn’t go astray either.

Even though I wore the suit jacket for most of the day, I never overheated. It would be interesting to see how this shirt performed outside in warmer weather, although being 100% cotton it should breathe OK.

A Few Months Later

Having worn the honeycomb pink shirt in a mix of work environments from air-conditioned office to lunch time cafe, I am pleased to report that it has become a favourite.

The thicker honeycomb weave allowed me the option of having the suit jacket on or off, which was great.

I absolutely love the silky shine that this shirt has, which has no diminished one bit. The non-iron properties have stayed strong as well, as long as I use the drying machine and not the clothes line. If I dry the shirt on the line, it does require an iron before wearing, which is no problem because this shirt is a very easy and quick one to iron.


Conclusion – Love it!

This is a great shirt with a really interesting fabric and weave that gives you the feeling (and look) of wearing something of true quality. I can imagine some people seeing this particular shirt as slightly less formal, but I wear it with a dark blue suit and think it looks great. It is equally impressive with or without a tie, so gives some flexibility.

Perfect for slightly cooler weather or offices, and although it was fine to wear in warmer conditions due to its breath-ability, I think some people could find it a bit heavy in Summer.


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