Colours And Patterns That Matter

Colours and Patterns are the most visually distinctive component of your shirt choice. It’s the smaller points and attention to detail that set your style apart from the masses, but that first glance is often drawn to a bold colour, a stylish pattern, or sometimes, the sheer crispness of the classic white shirt.

To Boldly Go

No one can deny the classy image of the crisp white mens shirt, and, it remains an absolute staple of the modern wardrobe. An essential piece. However, the days of the white shirt being the only option for pairing with a suit are long gone. And, the other wardrobe staple, the blue business shirt, now have competition with a fantastic and every changing variety of colours and patterns.

With this wide array of options, the challenge now is to pull it all together in a way that looks good, and not like a children’s colouring book.

Colour Choice

You may already have your favourites, but don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone here. Follow some basic guidelines and you’ll be well rewarded. Have a look at this colour wheel. Colours directly opposite each other are complementary easily paired together. Colours that contrast have three colours between them. These can be slightly more difficult to put together but ultimately more rewarding. Unless your a pro, try to stick to the two out of three rule which says; no more than three colours in an outfit, and at least two of them should be neutral.


Patterns Are Simpler Than They Look

For the novice, patterned shirts can be a nightmare come true. It doesn’t have to be that way. Apply the same two out of three rule and you’ll be fine. Make sure one item of clothing is anchoring your whole outfit as a solid. Then simply make sure you’re patterns are of different sizes. Fool proof! You may wish to choose you pattern based on your environment. Conservative law firm? Modern I.T. company? Generally, a striped pattern is seen as more formal than checks, which can lean a bit more to the casual side.




Take into consideration the basic advice, don’t overthink it, and you can enjoy your choices in the confidence that your look is a good one.


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