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You Wanted The Best

Why is it that just when you think you found the best men’s dress shirts; high quality, stylish fit, and durable, that you then discover there is a whole other level. A level of business shirts for men that takes comfort and style beyond your newly found high standards, and redefines luxury dress shirts for men.


Not For The Catwalk

Now, I always knew that for those people with massive wealth, who are truly into high end fashion, that there were more expensive shirts. I’m well aware that the high end fashion houses of the world produce clothing of such $$$$$ that most of us will only watch it on Entertainment Tonight, or on the red carpet at the award show. But I’m not concerned about that extreme level. I am talking about luxury that most people could attain. Sure, it may involve savings, and only having one item in the wardrobe. But isn’t that the nature of luxury? That it’s something special.

Here is a look at what some of the best shirt makers offer by way of luxury dress shirts for men.


Luxury Shirts from Charles Tyrwhitt

Charles_Tyrwhitt_Jermyn_StCharles Tyrwhitt has a distinct Luxury line of shirts that are more expensive than their main range. Since CT Shirts’ shirts are already very good quality, and some of the fabric weaves are quite luxurious, you could be forgiven for asking why pay more?

The Luxury shirt range is manufactured from a higher quality cotton which is also treated differently. It is a superfine two-ply 100% Egyptian cotton yarn, known as Giza 86. This means it is a very high quality cotton with a cotton fibre length of at least 33mm, and a fibre diameter of 4.3 to 4.9.

These shirts also feature mother of pearl buttons and brass collar stiffeners for that luxurious touch of detail.

As you might expect, such luxury also comes with options for single or double cuffs depending on whether you prefer buttons or cuff links. Your shirt can be truly customised by adding a left pocket, or for an additional touch of class, it can even be monogrammed. To ensure the perfect fit, there are many sleeve lengths to choose from and the option of custom length if necessary.

To produce an even softer finish, these shirts also have a “peached” finish. With the superior quality cotton, and treatment, these shirts genuinely feel softer to the touch and more luxurious to wear.

You can treat yourself by browsing this luxurious range at the Charles Tyrwhitt Website, by simply clicking here.


Luigi Borrelli

House of BorrelliLuigi Borrelli inherited his passion for tailoring from his mother, and established the House of Borrelli in 1957. Now run by his son, Fabio Borrelli, the identity of the brand has become established as a “object d’art”, or “work of art” for the wardrobe of sophisticated connoisseurs.

Each shirt is manufactured with the highest quality materials, and then hand finished by master embroiderers using age old artisan techniques. With all their shirts being made in Italy, Borrelli shirts are a true expression of Neapolitan tailoring and excellence. Machines are replaced by hand stitching for the armholes, the collar, the shoulder, the side gussets, the embroidery at the sleeve vent, the button hole, the button with the hen’s foot, and the box pleat.

Luigi Borrelli is also the official supplier to the royal Savoy Family, and counts the King of Italy Victor Emmanuel III as one of its high profile Ambassadors.

The Borrelli range of Italian made luxury dress shirts can be browsed and purchased from Amazon.



CharvetIn 1837, Charvet opened the world’s first every shirt shop in Paris, and has supplied shirts to kings, princes and heads of state every since, acquiring a truly international reputation for the high quality of its products, the level of its service, and the wide range of its designs and colours. Of the five most prominent French shirt makers of the 20th century, only Charvet remains. The goal of company is to give its customers to customise everything. Charvet creates in house designs for all its collections from fabrics milled exclusively for their own use.

Charvet shirts display an amazing level of precision and detail that results in a truly luxurious shirt even in their Ready-To-Wear offerings:

  • Striped shirts: the placket is matched with the front, the face of the collar with the bottom, collar stripes line up with the yoke stripes, the yoke stripes with the sleeve stripes, the sleeve stripes with the sleeve placket stripes.
  • Button hold shade of yarn is matched with the stripe.
  • The yoke is one piece and curved to follow the back.
  • The left cuff in made one quarter inch longer than the right to allow for a watch.
  • The cuff is made more or less wide to allow choice on whether the watch shows or is covered.
  • Shirt tails are square and vented for a clean look.
  • The collar is made from six layers of unfused cloth, for a dressy, yet not stiff, appearance.
  • Collar stitching is four millimetres from the edge.
  • Shirts are stitched with twin rows of single needle tailoring, sewn one row at a time for minimum puckering.
  • Twenty stitches per inch.
  • Buttons are made from Australian mother of pearl.
  • One person works on one shirt at a time, whether it is customer or ready-to-wear.
  • Each shirt takes 30 days to complete.


Browse the range of Charvet shirts at Neiman Marcus.

Ermenegildo Zegna

ZegnaThis Italian clothing company has long been considered a leader in the textile industry. With a dream “to make the most beautiful fabrics in the world”, Ermenegildo Zegna founded his company in 1910 and has built it into one of Italy’s best known family businesses. In fact, Zegna in the largest menswear brand in the world in revenue terms.

With full control over its supply chain allowing full control over every aspect of raw materials and production, this brand offers a truly premium product and experience. This level of luxury comes at a premium price with men’s dress shirt range from $355.00 to $1,435.00. Indulge in “100fili” shirts made from Mako Giza cotton, 100 threads per centre, producing an exceptionally silky feel with natural shine and a super clean sophisticated look. Or, go all out, with their 100% silk evening shirt featuring gray mother-of-pearl buttons. Special? Indeed!

Believe it or not, you can actually buy Zegna clothing straight from Amazon (Hint: Not all Zegna shirts are quite as expensive!) Here is link straight to the Zegna range on Amazon.




I’d love to hear your thought or experiences with those special luxurious items. Feel free to share below.






2 thoughts on “Luxury Dress Shirts For Men

  • November 23, 2016 at 12:18 am

    Wow, that’s incredible to pay more than a thousand dollars for a dress shirt. I bet they are really comfortable though.

    I would get one for my hubby if I could afford it. Wouldn’t think to look for any on Amazon. That’s pretty awesome that a nice brand like Zegna is so accessible.

    Maybe in a couple of years I might be able to treat him to something nice like this.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • November 23, 2016 at 1:15 am

      Hi Marlinda,

      I agree. Over $1000 for a dress shirt would seem pretty excessive to most people, including myself. I enjoy luxury as much as the next person, but that is bit too much of a stretch for me!


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