Men’s Dress Shirts – Finding Your Favourite

Better The Devil You Know – Not Really

So many of us settle into what’s comfortable and safe, but is that really the best that we can do? Why do we settle for what we know instead of what might be better? Is it that we are afraid of getting it wrong; a type of rejection that we wish to avoid? Are we simply too lazy to make any effort? Or, is the habit of doing the same old thing too hard to break?

When is comes to improvement of any sort, it’s going to take some effort. Often, the bigger the improvement, the bigger the effort required. Recognition of this basic fact is why people talk about improvement is terms of “baby steps”, one step at a time. The goal is to focus on the action immediately in front of you, not the end that goal that currently seems so far away.


Guess How Many Issues Come Back To The Way You Dress?

Let’s have a quick look at some of the things people want to improve. Weight – yes, the goal of losing some weight is on many people’s list. Confidence – the desire to appear and act more confident is a major driver of the self-help industry. Style – with celebrities, and stars all dressing so well, it is common to look at them and want to dress a bit more like them. Career, professional image, the list goes on, and there are numerous ways that we could approach any or all of these. But remember what I said about baby steps, one thing at a time. Well, let’s have a look at the way we dress and how it could positively affect some of these issues.

  • Dressing well won’t lose any inches of your belly, but it can certainly help you look good while you do. Certain style and patterns can be quite flattering to the man with a belly! A follow-on benefit of looking good is that you won’t fall into the common slump of wearing tracksuits and clothes that look more like a tent. Also, when you look good, you tend to want to stay that way and maybe even improve. Now that you look good its not uncommon to start eating better and even exercising.
  • Ever heard the sayings; “dress for the job you want”, “act as you wish to become”, or “clothes maketh the man”? There’s a reason there are so many similar sayings. If you look the part, you are more likely to feel like you can act the part. People will view you differently, and probably treat you differently too. This sort of positive feedback helps to reinforce your confidence too.
  • To be stylish is on almost everyone’s wish list. Their definition of stylish might differ, but the common thread is that they all want to be more “stylish” than they are. Style may also be about more than your clothes, including the way you speak, what you say, and how you act, but how we dress is the external representation of the style we want. There are many great magazines and website dedicated to men’s style, enough that a simply web search will give you many, many choices.


What Has All This Got To Do With Finding Your Favourite Dress Shirt?

I’m glad you asked!

The choice of “favourite” is a big call. It’s not just about the nicest colour, or the most expensive. Your favourite dress shirt, or business shirt, is the one you reach for when there are ten other choices, over and over again. It’s the one that you’ll choose to wear for that big meeting, or occasion. It’s the one you’ll wash and dry before choosing one that’s already ready to go in the wardrobe.

It’s the one that delivers the goods on all the points raised earlier. You look good in it, and you know it. You feel good it in and that helps you perform at your best. It helps present you with your own style and you like that.


Where Do I Find My Favourite Dress Shirt?

Who knows? There is no magic answer for this question, but there is some guidance you can follow to help to find the answer a little faster.

Firstly, be honest with yourself on a few things, because you’re going to need to use that information soon. Are you athletic, skinny or overweight? Are you happy to lay out cash or are you a bit tight with the spending? This ones important because you need to feel OK about the money you spend. There’s nothing like a great bargain, but equally no one likes to feel like they spent too much.


Now you could type some generic term into Google, say “cheap shirts online”, or “best business shirts”, but that’s just going to give you too many options. You need to start small. Remember, baby steps. Start with a handful or shirt makers and simply browse their sites. You might find that you gravitate to the style of one of the other.

A sample list brands to start you off might consist of:

  • Van Heusen, the worlds #1 department store brand. Big range and good prices. Some great sales throughout the year too that are worth keeping an eye out for.
  • Charles Tyrwhitt, British shirt maker with a 6 month guarantee for returns and exchanges, which make them really attractive when you’re trying to find your favourite. Lots of good specials throughout the year too.
  • TM Lewin, another British shirt maker with a quality range and wide selection.
  • Brooks Brothers, the oldest shirt maker in America, with a great range of quality styles and fits.


Starting with one or two of the above brands will make things much easier. You’ll be comparing styles and cuts within the same brand so things will make sense when compared to each other. There’s nothing worse than buying the same size from two different brands and finding out they are massively different. Additionally, by starting with brands such as these, you’ll be looking at shirts that are made well, offer a choice of fit, style, and fabrics, and well as still being affordable, especially if you choose their multi-buy special offers.


These shirt makers also provide a wealth of information regarding their fits, and design options. You should take the time to read up on these, as you’ll be able to make more informed decision about such things as fabric type, and collar style. Small things in themselves, but it is the combination of the smaller things that make the big difference.


Don’t Stress

No need to stress or worry over the decisions either. Shirt retailers like these offer excellent return policies. If you order a shirt and the sleeve length turns out to be too long, you can simply return it for the correct one. Quality dress shirt makers count on their reputations and on their service levels for return business, and referrals. They need you t love your new shirt so they will do everything possible to ensure you get the right shirt for you.

A few shirts later, you will have found your new favourite dress shirt. Or maybe its a few favourites that you can’t go past and find it hard to choose between. What a good problem to have!

You’ll be looking good, and feeling good, and isn’t that what makes all the difference?


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