The Best Way To Iron A Shirt – Quickly & Properly

Believe it or not there are people out there that are passionate about ironing. They tend to be passionate about the shirts they wear and therefore they really care about taking care of their dress shirts. To the rest of us, and as much as we might love our shirts looking good, ironing is a chore to be completed as quickly as possible. Thanks to the passionate ironers of the world, there is ample instruction on the best way to iron dress shirts, quickly, yet properly.


Lets’s Start With The Right Equipment

As with most things, it pays to have the right tool for the job. Having the right equipment not only makes the task of ironing much easier and quicker, it helps avoid frustrations and accidents. If you’ve ever burnt a shirt while ironing it, then you know what I mean.

The essential equipment is as follows:

  • A quality iron – no cheap option will do here. A good iron need to have some weight, have a quality non-stick coating, and put out a decent amount of steam. This investment pays for itself on the very first use.
  • A water sprayer – now this one can be cheap; just a plastic spray bottle filled with some water. Easy.
  • A solid ironing board – again, don’t go the cheapest here as it can make the job harder and actually mark your shirts. Go for the medium quality option at a minimum. A wider board makes things easier. A good padding on top helps as well.


This Won’t Hurt A Bit

Three minutes from now, you’ll be looking at your shirt thinking what a great job you did. You’ll wonder why you every sent your shirts out for pressing.

Give the shirt an all over light spray to dampen it a little bit. Leave it for a short while.

Start by laying the sleeve out long ways on the ironing board and make it as flat as possible. Open up the cuff and iron on the inside.

NOTE: Press your hand down more on the heel of the iron itself as you move it around, not on the tip. If you press down on the tip of the iron it will created creases which can then be hard to get out.

With the sleeve as flat as possible, iron across the sleeve, working from the seam upwards. If you don’t like creases down the arm then stop the iron just before the edge which will produce a softer line.

Now onto the yoke (the piece that sits across your shoulders). Gently pull on the sleeve to pull out any creases before running the iron over that area.

When ironing the collar, hit it with a bit of steam first to soften up the fibres, then stretch it out gently to avoid ironing over any creases. Iron from one side to the other.

Fold over the collar, and only iron the centre back. This avoids creating hard creases towards the collar front and leaves a nice collar roll.

A little tip as we move onto the rest of the shirt is to now button up the collar. This will help to hold the shirt in place as you move around the rest of the shirt.

To iron the packet, again pull gently on the seam as you iron it.

Now move onto the back of the shirt, and then on the front sides, all the while steaming away to keep relaxing the shirt fibres.

Make sure to iron in between the button, never over them, as this will mark your shirt.

A common mistake at this final stage, is to throw the freshly ironed shirt on and enjoy the warmth. To ensure your ironing efforts don’t go to waste, hang your shirt on a hanger for 10 minutes, Then it is ready to go, and your efforts will see you through another day.


It’s only three minutes! Give it a go.


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