TM Lewin. A British Institution.

With a shirt making history reaching back to 1898, and a reputation for true innovation (did you know the Lewin was one of the original pioneers of the “coat-like” shirt), a T.M.Lewin shirt is an example of old world craftsmanship that sets them apart from the mass produced “sameness” that we see in most men’s wardrobes.

My own introduction to TM Lewin business shirts came through a relative that was living in London for a time. I was fortunate that they enjoyed the high street shopping, and also enjoyed buying gifts of superior quality, such as menswear from the Jermyn Street manufacturer; famed for their designs, quality and service.

As soon as the three TM Lewin shirts found their way to my wardrobe, my bland department store shirts were relegated to reserve status. I found that after wearing shirts that not only looked so good, but also felt so good, it was near impossible to go back. Maybe I was spoiled a little. Maybe this is what is felt like to experience “the better things in life”.

A side benefit of these quality shirts was the aspect of caring for them. I’m a modern guy, who does my own ironing, and I found that with these shirts, ironing was easier and quicker (definitely a good thing!). I also notice that they kept their nice, ironed look throughout the day. Previously I had found my work shirts somewhat creased after travelling in the car, and wearing my suit to a few meetings. It certainly didn’t hurt to have a few nice comments throughout the day of “nice shirt”!

These days, I have a number of different brand shirts, of various styles. Somewhat less that previously, since I have naturally settled into my favourites. When I need to buy a new shirt it’s good to know that shirt makers like TM Lewin are there. I can be sure of getting the quality I want, in a style of my choosing, whether that be more traditional, or completely modern.

If you’d like to get yourself into some TM Lewin shirts, you can feel safe as they offer a 90 day “no quibble” returns/exchange policy.

You should also check out their current keep an eye out for their special promotions as you can save as much as 50% off.

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