TM Lewin Shirts – Review – White Herringbone

Brand: TM Lewin

Fabric: 100% Cotton. Two Ply

TM Lewin ShirtFit: Regular Fit

Design: Herringbone Weave

Colour: White

Cuffs: Double cuff

Collar: Classic

Purchased From: TM Lewin.

Guarantee: 90 Days

First Impressions – Mmmmm Classy!

There is no doubt that a TM Lewin shirt looks classy, even in the packaging, even when it’s white shirt. I was keen to try this shirt out since my relatives living in England has made a big deal about TM Lewin, their heritage and that this was a special shirt, no average shirt from a department store.

The fabric weave was pretty enticing to the eye. Herringbone, which is a twill weave where the threads form a zig zag effect, raised the visuals on this shirt above the plain white shirts that are found everywhere. The fabric also had a very soft and luxurious feel; thicker than the plain weave (poplin) shirts but not as heavy as a honeycomb shirt. The combination had a decidedly English feel about, not that I can really explain what that it. I can best describe it as a combination of the traditional double cuff, the fabric feeling soft and malleable, and the herringbone weave effect.

Whatever the case, for a white shirt, it sure was interesting.

First Day On The Job.

Washing the shirt before the first wearing, as I am habit-bound to do, resulted in it desperately needing an iron. Looking at all the creases, and the fact that this was not a non-iron shirt,I wasn’t looking forward to the task. However, I need not have worried. The TM Lewin shirt ironed more easily than the plain weave shirts, with the fabric yielding easily and wrinkles disappearing before my eyes. Thank goodness.

With this shirt having double cuffs, I had the opportunity to show off some cuff links, which is always fun.

I have to say, this shirt is beautiful to wear, the cotton is soft to touch and extremely comfortable all day long. I was comfortable both in the office and outside in the sun, with the breath-ability factor of this shirt be very high.

I did however, find that working at the desk on a computer caused the cuffs to become bent, but not to the extent of looking bad. It just wasn’t as sharp as it was when the day started. Also, the shirt itself wrinkled quite easily. Not dramatically, or more than you might expect, but it was certainly more creased than my non-iron shirts by the end of the day.


A Few Months Later

Even after considerable use and wear both at work, at work functions, weddings and the like, this shirt is my “go to” white shirt. Its high level of comfort over a long day or long event means that I don’t have to worry about that terrible feeling of desperately needing to get out of the suit and into something more comfortable. I have noticed that the collar and cuffs do dirty noticeably, which is almost unavoidable in white shirt. The good news is that with some basic care in washing, it cleans up perfectly ever time. Interestingly, the fabric itself has become slightly software with wear, which is apparently common with shirts of this quality. Quite nice to have a shirt getting better with age rather than showing signs of wear.

It is worth noting that TM Lewin make their shirts with unfused collars. This means that the collar is less stiff, but no less smart. It does mean that using collar stiffeners is mandatory so make sure you have some spare ones around.

Conclusion – Definitely classy

I look forward to having more TM Lewin shirts in my wardrobe. This shirt in particular has performed very well. It’s a shirt that tricks you as you wash and dry it, looking broken and creased, yet puts a smile on your face as it transforms through ironing into one of the nicest shirts you’ll own. Recommended.

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