Trying It On With TM Lewin- Virtually

The only limitation when buying business shirts online, is the fact that you don’t get to try it on until it’s delivered. This is why a great guarantee is so important. Returns and exchanges have to be quick and easy or we simply won’t bother.

TM Lewin have taken things one step further with their virtual fitting room, and, it’s really quite cool.

Virtual Fitting Room

When browsing for a new shirt, simply clicking on the “Try It On” button gives you something you’ve never had before; the chance to virtually try on the exact shirt you are looking at and, to see how it is going to look.

Firstly you have to enter four pieces of information: your height, your weight, your age and neck measurements. All pretty easy. Now you presented a nice graphic of an upper body, which will be familiar to any gamers. Here. you are able to enlarge or shrink both your waist and your chest by dragging a basic indicator left or right. (if only it was so easy in real life).

This is where the fun begins because you’re now presented with a “virtual me”. The head is some male model guy, but the body is pretty accurate. You can now change shirt sizes and the application will point out areas were the shirt might be too tight or too loose. It will show you information on sleeve length; too long or too short.

So while it’s still not the real thing, it is another useful tool when buying business shirts online.

Jump over to,, or to give it a go.


I liked it. Let me know what you think below. Thanks.

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