Van Heusen Business Shirts. The Challenge

VanHeusen ShirtsI Challenge You. 

I challenge you to say that you’ve never owned a Van Heusen business shirt. A staple of every office worker, sales person, or business executive; Van Heusen business shirts are the “go to” shirt for all occasions. You may own cheaper shirts. Chances are you have some extremely boring and some extremely quirky shirts too. These usually turn up as birthday gifts over the years as well as tend to hang around just as long. Your Van Heusen’s are probably also not your most expensive shirts in your wardrobe either. But, for sheer dependability of style, comfort and durability, the value of a Van Heusen business shirt is hard to go past. That’s probably why they are the #1 selling business shirt brand in department stores throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Get them from a shop, or get them online.

Most people are familiar with Van Heusen from the men’s section in department stores. They typically take up prime position next to the business suits and formal attire. Usually occupying a significant space on the wall, there is usually a wide range of colours and fits readily available.

For the budget conscious, some older stock regularly turns up on the bargain table. It can be worth sorting through the assorted shapes and sizes, but usually the patterns are dated and colours can be the same. But, it is possible to score a great deal, so check it out all the same.

Amazing Choices

You may not know what you’re missing out on..

Did you know that Van Heusen’s Flex shirt has a collar that 1/2″? No more tight collars around your neck.

wrinkle free shirts
An early pioneer of the wrinkle-free promise

Did you know that the Shipping Cost can be FREE!

Did you know that you can order your exact measurements? And stop paying extra for taking up the sleeves!

Van Heusen has a seriously big range that not only catered for various sizes and shapes, but for tastes too. It really doesn’t matter whether you’re ultra conservative, or ultra modern, you’ll definitely find what you need in their range.

Online is fun…when you know your sizes!

I always resisted buying online in favour of actually seeing the shirt and trying it on for size. However, in my ignorance, I would try on business shirts and if I was comfortable overall, I’d usually go ahead and buy it.

Not until a particularly observant shop assistant pointed out that I was about to purchase a shirt that had arm lengths way too long, did I actually get measured and learn that the shirts have more than one sizing!

What a favour that lovely lady did for me! With my correct measurements now known to me, the online world with its almost infinite choices opened up for me. I’ve never looked back!

Being able to easily choose one of the best business shirts, that will not only fit me perfectly, but look just the “right amount” of fashionable, that I am looking for. Perfect.

Plus, you can still choose where you buy, even online (just in case you have a favourite). Amazon is always a great easy option:


Enjoy! Please leave any thought, comments, or questions below.


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