Van Heusen Shirts – Review – Classic Fit Easy Care Black

Brand: Van Heusen

Fabric: Cotton Polyester.

Van Heusen ShirtFit: Classic Fit.

Design: Solid

Colour: Black

Cuffs: Single with single button

Collar: Regular

Purchased From: Local store. Amazon Van Heusen Store

Guarantee: 30 Days

First Impressions – Black looks cool!

A black shirt is one of those clothing items that you either love or hate. However you feel about a black dress shirt, it is impossible to deny its versatility, spanning the dramatic coolness that it can bring to the daily work wardrobe, all the way to the sombre respect that it pays at a funeral. Much as you never want it, when the day comes to attend such a serious event as a funeral, you want that black shirt. You do not want to be standing out looking like you’re off to a party.

Black is dramatic and a strong canvas to work with. Having a new black shirt felt cool, and it already looked sharp, even in the plastic packaging. I was going to wear it to the office asap.

First Day On The Job.

When I washed ironed this shirt, I took a little extra care, since I’ve had black shirts in the past almost immediately took on tacky shine marks from being ironed. However, this shirt presented no problem and ironed up beautifully. I paired it with one of my more expensive ties and was ready to impress!

Throughout the day, this shirt remained quiet cool to wear. I know it’s a cotton polyester blend and should have been much the same as other such shirt, but without a word of lie, this shirt was definitely cooler to wear, and this time I am definitely talking about comfort not the look. Although I must admit, a few light hearted compliments about looking cool were appreciated and reinforced my opinion that occasionally changing up the fashion sense and wearing something different is a good thing to do.

The fabric almost felt slightly thicker than the other VH cotton polyester shirts. This slight difference in fabric is probably was caused it to stand up so well to a full day a crease-inducing activities. It certainly still looked smart at the end of the day, which was good to see.


A Few Months Later

This is an enjoyable shirt to wear. It has consistently been comfortable and it has stayed looking sharp. The black colour itself has not faded all, despite being regularly fried on the clothes line in the sun, and it is still a sharp looking shirt once ironed.

Although it is an Easy Care shirt, it definitely requires ironing every time.

Being solid black in colour has given me some extra flexibility with combinations of shirt and tie. A tie that looks just OK with a plain white shirt can suddenly pop with dramatic flair when paired with this black one. Equally, a dramatic tie that stands out strongly on a white shirt takes on a whole new dimension when worn with a black shirt. It’s nice to have extra choice from the same wardrobe simply by changing one aspect such as the shirt.

Conclusion – Black is still cool.

I won’t become one of “those guys” that wear the full black to the office everyday, but this a black shirt is an essential part of my wardrobe, and this Van Heusen one has earned its place for a while to come. Recommended.

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