Van Heusen Shirts – Review – Classic Fit Easy Care Texture Grey

Brand: Van Heusen

Fabric: Cotton Polyester.

VanHeusen ShirtFit: Classic Fit. Texture

Design: Plain

Colour: Grey

Cuffs: Single with single button

Collar: Peak

Purchased From:

Guarantee: 30 Days

First Impressions – Nice pattern and shine to the fabric


So this looked a bit different. I have a few Van Heusen shirts in the wardrobe, some plain and some patterned, but this is the first one where the fabric itself has caught my eye. The fabric is the same cotton polyester blend as the others but this one was visually quite different. The weave looked similar to a honeycomb weave but with thinner threads. I could make out the texture due to the slight colour difference between the vertical and horizontal weave. I quite liked the look, especially the way that this texture gave the shirt a nice “shine”.

First Day On The Job.


With the slight shine to the fabric, I did wonder whether ironing would leave a mark, but, thankfully no. The ironing job was about right, with the fabric causing no problems. During the day, I found that the shirt performed as expected; slightly warmer than my 100% cotton shirts. Where this shirt surprised me was in its lack of creases after a day at the office. Most shirts of this level end up actually looking like they’ve done a days’s work and have the creases to show for it. However, this one held up very well, looking on slightly creased. It certainly could have held up to an after work event without too much trouble at all. Since the fabric is similar to others than have creased noticeably throughout the day, I’m putting its better performance down to the textured weave.


A Few Months Later


Surprisingly this shirt has been worn more than I expected. Since it was a cotton polyester blend I didn’t expect to wear it in place of any of my 100% cotton options. However, the slight differences between this shirt and the others I own, being the texture and sheen, combined with the grey colour, made this a good shirt to wear. I felt dressed up to a decent level and found that it paired well with a number of different ties. I guess this is one of the advantages on a non-patterned shirt. Unlike some other shirts that have been worn, washed, and ironed just as often, this shirt is actually holding up well. No fading, discolouration, or wear marks at all, which is obviously great.

Conclusion – Surprising


So in summary, I definitely like this shirt more than expected, and more than almost every other Van Heusen shirt than I’be bought for work. The grey makes it a safe and easy choice for the days when colours and patterns are just too much hard work. However its texture and weave make it interesting enough that it stands above most plain shirts. This particular shirt has become a solid staple that will hopefully continue to be worn for some time yet.

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