Van Heusen Shirts – Review – Easy Care Classic Fit

Brand: Van Heusen

Fabric: Cotton / Polyester

Van Heusen ShirtFit: Classic

Design: Solid

Colour: White

Cuffs: Single with one button

Collar: Classic Spread

Purchased From: Local department store

Guarantee: 30 days with conditions

First Impressions – Decent


Typical experience at the local shopping centre, and major department store. Bought as part of a multi-buy special so felt like a reasonable purchase of three shirts that would have a positive impact on my work wardrobe.

I had nothing negative to say about the shirt, after all, it was a simple white shirt for wearing to the office. However, there was nothing special about it either. The fabric felt OK to the touch. No particular thickness or sheen, but not overly rough compared to some cheapies.

First Day On The Job.


With the fold creases looking pretty ingrained, I gave the shirt its obligatory first wash, dry and iron. Ironing was easy enough and it came up looking as good as it should for a brand new shirt. While finishing the morning routine, I did however notice I was feeling a little warmer than usual so checked the tag on one of the other shirts I had bought at the same time. Uh oh. A cotton / polyester blend. I hadn’t worn a blend shirt for quiet a few years. I remember them being very hot and causing me to sweat a bit.

The day was a warm one and even though I was in the air conditioned office all day, I did sweat a little bit. With 100% cotton shirts, I have been able to wear my suit jacket all day inside the office and have zero sweat, so I noticed the difference. Nothing dramatic but enough that I wasn’t going to put my arms above my head. The shirt was comfortable enough, no problem there. The main point that annoyed me just a little, was that it creased very easily. Simply travelling in the car caused the first round and wrinkles increased in the expected spots, such as elbow, over the course of the day. By the end of the day, while not terrible, it did look like I’d put in a days work. Again, not a major drama in itself, but noticeable compared to some other shirts that could role straight into an after work function looking as good as they did at 7am.


A Few Months Later

The only change in the shirt after a few months was the fabric itself. The overall shirt was starting to feel a bit thin. To look its best, an undershirt is mandatory. It still washed well, but definitely needed a bit more stain treatment attention than the 100% cotton shirts. Not sure if this is a result of the polyester blend or perhaps the type of cotton used.

Collars require a bit of spray starch as the collar stiffeners are plastic and stitched into the collar.


Conclusion – Affordable business wear

In considering the Van Heusen offering overall, I would say its affordable business wear that represents good value when on sale. At full price, I would seriously be considering some of the other brands out there. Van Heusen has an extensive range and I look forward to trying some of other shirts. These ones weren’t my favourite. Perhaps the other ones might suit me better.


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